Al-Furqaan Foundation Headquarters

  • Global corporate headquarter of Al-Furqaan Foundation.
  • House all executive and core management functions.
  • Central administrative offices of all divisions.

Quran Distribution Center

  • The largest Quran distribution center in the USA (hundreds of thousands of copies distributed every year across the USA).
  • Over 1.2 Million English Translations and thousands in other languages.
  • Consolidate inventory of over 200 pallets of Quran, Quran Translations in many languages and Dawah books to one centralized location.
  • Increase printing and Distribution of Quran from about 100K/printing to 500K/printing.

A Youth Centered Masjid

  • Khutbas, lectures, talks and all activities by the youth and for the youth.
  • Starting with about 100-200 capacity to grow as needed.
  • Building is oriented in such a way that we can scale the Masjid to cover the whole building as the community grows.
Youth Center

1st Dedicated Muslim Youth Center in Western Suburbs of Illinois

  • Indoor and Outdoor Basketball court.
  • Table Tennis and Pool Tables.
  • Gaming area (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.).
  • Workout/Fitness Facility.
  • Cafeteria Area.
  • Separate times for Boys and Girls.
Dawah Center

The Largest Dawah Organization Facility

  • As a dawah organization, a proper presentation hall will be dedicated to lectures and meetings for Non-Muslims along with a dedicated staff for interacting with Non-Muslims.
  • Free fully stocked QURAN and Dawah material kiosks will be available for Non-Muslim visitors.
Islamic Bookstore

The largest Islamic Bookstore within 30 Miles

  • Currently already have a store online ( with over 4000 products.
  • Utilize front area for a walk-in non-profit bookstore for books and other Islamic items (No such store in over 20-30 mile radius).
  • Supports the Foundation and its activities.
Islamic Library

The 1st Islamic Library in Illinois

  • Dedicate a portion of the front for a well stocked Islamic Library for the general public (Muslim and Non-Muslim).
  • Will be the first Public Islamic Library in the state, possibly USA.
Funeral Home

1st Funeral home in Western Suburbs

  • Insha’Allah planned in the future next to the Masjid area.
  • No Muslim facility for this service within a 20-30 mile radius.